Mason Jungle Buggy Adventure Bali for your best outdoor Activities.

Welcome to Bali and lets book and join our our Mason Jungle Buggy ride. experience the thrilling ride with 3 laps jungle garden view.

Due to the fact that the island of The Thousand Islands offers a wide range of attractions, the natural beauty of the beach is always enchanting. The natural mountains, lakes, terraced rice fields and even the natural beauty of the waterfall will be a destination for many visitors during their holiday season. For those who like a tourist adventure, the Mason Jungle Buggies is an exciting leisure activity in the wild that provides special tourist options for those who like a challenge. For you to enjoy a lot, water sports, hiking, off road and the last of the adventure, Bali has to offer.

Have you been Mason Jungle Buggy ever, maybe the names are a little odd to you, if you hear ATV ride, ATV ride adventure attractions are popular already and in many places in Bali. The two styles of adventures between Mason Jungle Buggies and ATVs have almost the same shape and are as lightweight as motions, but they are oval, like a steering wheel, when used in cars with a handlebar, like on motorcycle handlebars.

mason jungle buggy ride is one of the best adventure in Bali

It is easy to control the Mason Jungle Buggy, but the main requirement is to have a driver’s license to ensure that the rider can drive, and then special instructions are given to further control it, such as when twists and climbs are required, making your adventure fun and enjoyable. Mason Jungle Buggies becomes a new off-road adventure tour which makes you more impressive during your holidays with your family, beloved partner or even children.

The Mason Jungle buggy in the hamlet of Tatag, Taro Village, Tegalalang District, Gianyar Régency–Bali, are the new starting points for this adventure. Around fifteen minutes drive north of Ubud Central. On the tourist map, people are better acquainted with Taro in Ubud, perhaps because it is located near Ubud even though it is located in the district of Tegalalang. This town is famous for being one of the most popular places for elephant tours in Bali from Mason Elephant Park Taro.

The latest adventure recreation in Bali is in fact on a similar lines as the Mason Elephant Park Taro, and both of those tour services are sold by the Bali Adventure Tour, both by elephant riding and also by the Mason Jungle Buggy.

The Mason Jungle Buggy ‘ adventure track was designed by their founder “Nigel Mason” taking into account the sensation of challenges and the safety of the rider, and also trying out a variety of challenging trails such as curves, climbs and the gravel field will make you feel.

Mason Jungle Buggy Machine CC

Mason Jungle Buggies is indeed quite challenging and exciting to use two types of vehicles with different engine capacities:

  • Single Polaris ACE is a model with smaller 325cc engine and one rider is proposed.
  • The 570cc Double Polaris RZR is for two individuals or for a tandem and it is of course perfect if you’re a partner adventurer or even kids not old enough to ride Polaris on the Mason Jungle Buggies tour.

In one track or per lap you can drive along 4.5 km of various obstacles, navigating both the road, twisting and hills that are so difficult to overcome, which means the energy is depleted enough and that you can pause for a while to restore power. There are signs along the way that can be used as a reference. Take an adventure tour like Mason Jungle Buggies, which makes the driver more concentrated to face the challenges that make the mind more relaxed after office tasks and routines.

Briefing and preparation will be provided first for beginners. Along the trajectory of calcareous and gravel layers, tires for safety are also installed in trees. The most recent recreational adventures such as Mason Jungle Buggy make your vacation in Bali never boring. As your tour is limited not only to the beach, but also to many interesting things that you can do, including many activities and emerging new tourist objects that give you the options or other alternatives to choose your Bali tour.

The distance from Bali International Airport to Mason Jungle Buggy is around 2 hours. With a very strategic location in the north of Ubud, Mason Jungle buggy is a return activity that is perfect for those of you who vacation on the island of Bali.

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Where is Mason  Jungle Buggy Bali ?

Located at Taro north of Ubud with driving duration below:

Form Ubud to Mason Jungle Buggy : About 20 minutes
From Kuta to Mason  Jungle Buggy : about 1,5 hours
From Sanur  to Mason  Jungle Buggy : about 1 hours

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