Jungle Buggy Bali at Mason Jungle Buggy

Bali. One of beautiful island in Indonesia. People called it is small paradise. Beauty beach, natural tradition. Sounds soothing. Hey, but this is a vacation! Enjoy all Bali not just the beach. You can have Bali in one time. The serenity, beauty and adventure. You can enjoy all of that even in one trip is Jungle Buggy Bali.

Jungle Buggy Bali is an off road or adventure tour. Like off road, extreme sport. This extreme sport will increase your adrenaline. But, it is totally fantastic. Imagine that the rocking journey. You will be rocked because of the gravel and bumpy. Through way up and down ward. Watch out of the bend of road. It is so interesting, isn’t it?

Bali is not only about beach, dude. You can explore Bali’s jungle. By the way, is there any jungle in Bali? Of course yes. It is not the real jungle for sure. Seems like remote village in Bali which is still pure of natural.  Ubud is one of the adventure buggy place. In this adventure off road, you will see villagers real life doing daily routine. Off road route also pass paddy fields, small river, chicken, ducks. The villagers keep of the environment wisely. They also keep their traditional culture. They believe that God has bestowed this beautiful environment to be guarded. If it is destroyed, God will be wrath.

What is Buggy?

Buggy is a small motor vehicle with four wheels. Buggy is very strong look like. Typically one with an open top. This vehicles is designed to conquer the road. As off road car, buggy is prepared to dirt, gumpy, muddy, cross the small river. Buggy is ready to dirty. Ready to get wet. But, buggy is small version of the real off road car in highly safety car. Safety is number one!

Sounds good to be an extreme adventure. But do not worry if you are not professional driver. You can drive the buggy even though just for the first. Or you are a beginner. This Jungle Buggy Bali activity is prepared with guaranteed security. You will use buggy which is a high-class mainstay. Including safety and comfort while riding Buggy. Trusted. Nonetheless you exactly have driver license first. And you must 18 years old or more. Noted for you. For sure that you are 12 years old or 18 years old and more. Do not forget to bring your driver license.  You need it as conditions.

Available Buggy

The buggies available on two type. You can choose one of them. There is Buggy single seated. With single seat ride engine. Buggy also has a security with three-point seat belts. A safety net attached to the right and left side of the wheel for guaranteed safety during a jungle buggy ride. You can drive by yourself. Great for you advanced driver! At least brave and strong.

How about if this adventure is your first experience? You do not have to worry. You guys who 12 years old and do not have driver license. You also can join adventure jungle buggy bali. Choose tandem buggy with double seated. for you and your friend. You can ride with secure during your jungle riding. Because the vehicles already certified. It has seat belt, net and horn.

The buggy has model tandem seated. If you need a profesional tandem. It has double seated, to you and your friend or profesional tandem. You can ask for it. The journey will be same exciting within driving by yourself.

The Next Step To Start The Trip

Before exploring the jungle buggy bali, for extreme experience and unforgettable vacation, you have to prepare yourself. To face out the journey safely. You will be trained about procedure of driving a buggy and the track of course. Important to know about buggy kindly. Event hough sounds easy busy but pay attention please. Kidding me. First, you have to know the function tools.  Where is the gas pedal. Where is the break pedal. How to use gearing. Do not forget with helmet. This car with no top, we need helmet for sure.

Try to ride a couple of minute to warming up. Go forward and back off. Turn left and turn right. Are you ready now? After use your helmet, make sure for the “klik” its mean your helmet ready to protect. And you are ready for sure to explore your jungle adventure. Make best experience in Bali.

Then you have to know the track. There’s a directions and signs spread in track jungle buggy Bali road. This signs to warn driver about the road. There are up and down ward signs, to bend of the road. There is sign to dumpy and wet area. And others. By knowing the track you drifting like pro off road driver.

Okay. When everything is ready then you perfectly ready to leading your adventure and make new experience of off road the jungle buggy. Your riding will be another way to enjoy Bali island and unforgettable!

Ready and Ready?

Once you turn on the engine, to go to the path of jungle. Sped the short extreme adventure. Raise up adrenaline. And admire the atmosphere of Bali.

Through out the bumpy road, make bumping heart. Little bit. Even if this buggy adventure called mini off road, it is not about extreme road route. Because all of journey will be end of the miniatur of Bali Island for real. You will pass the villages, while passing endless greenery and plantations of coffee, coconut, palm and tropical fruits. Some of dumpy and bumpy road. Dont forget the river to get wet, the pady fields, the scenery, the concord. Out of whoop it up city for a while. This awesome, isnt it? Youorr journey full of happines. Not bored journey. Unforgettable!

Finish the Journey

Extreme adventure Junge Buggy Bali take almost 5 km for one track or route. In average you can finish the track about 45 minutes. It can be more longer if you ride your buggy slower. Otherwise, if you ride the buggy  like real professional rider, you can finish the track more faster. No very difficult track. You will not in big trouble indeed. The track is designed to make your vacation more amazing and super best. As long as the journey you will be guided by professional staff. Safety is guaranteed. Safety is number one.

After you finish your track, you must be lost your energy. The adventure need big energy, of course. Take your time to little rest. And this it, time to recharge stomach. Delight your starving soul in some delicious food. And what a food, made by local villager. They only cook with locally ingredients. They believe that locally ingredients has better taste. And the food will make you perfect addiction.

Jungle Buggy Bali at mason Jungle Buggy

You can fill your soul also. Like Julia Robert in Eat, pray, love, try to relaxation. Take deep breathe, inhale, exhale. Enjoy the surrounding. Take your time to fill in scenery, gorgeous nature. While enjoy your drink or delicious food, you can laying in poolside or admire the paddy fields or in the middle of the jungle. Perfect.

So when will you test drive & try the Jungle Buggy Bali? Don’t took a long time for an adventure. For a thrilling experience in Bali with fantastic and incredible sensations. Enjoy all Bali in one time. Don’t pass it.

If you love to combine with elephant trek, after buggy ride you may visit mason elephant park, please book for the combination with advance booking.

Where is Mason  Jungle Buggy Bali ?

Located at Taro north of Ubud with driving duration below:

Form Ubud to Mason Jungle Buggy : About 20 minutes
From Kuta to Mason  Jungle Buggy : about 1,5 hours
From Sanur  to Mason  Jungle Buggy : about 1 hours

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